It's all about the team

Our people: our success.

Each of us has a role to play. Much like a jigsaw, we see every member of our team as a unique, yet essential piece of the puzzle. Collaboration and communication are the cornerstones of our vision: 

Building a safe, efficient and global rental marketplace for anyone looking for a place, or renting one out.

Together, with a focus

Choosing to work at HousingAnywhere is choosing to be the captain of your own career path.
 Explore and learn, but most of all: grow.

Did we mention our strong and unshaken Beers & Cheers tradition? You get to bond and unwind with your colleagues at the end of another go-getting week. Start your weekend right by celebrating each other's achievements.

The values we hold dearly

Give a lot and take a lot,

because this place has A LOT to give.

Andrea, Key Account Manager

Picture 90 people from 30 countries. It’s like being on a round-the-world trip every day.

The perks of working with us

Budget for Dutch or English classes to help you kick off your stay in the Netherlands.

Make an impact and dare to do things differently. Here, all ideas matter.

Feel free to wear a 3-piece tuxedo or even a dragon onesie, we won’t judge… Maybe a little.

Trainings, workshops, conferences, books. It’s up to you. 

Work in the beating heart of Rotterdam. Our office has a view to die for! 

What we’re looking for

To us, the meeting of minds is a collaborative spark, leading to an infinite number of outcomes. That’s why diversity is so important. 

As we’re growing, we need more teammates to join the crew, adopt the office as their new smart playground and keep sparking our innovation.

From a student-to-student website to a peer-to-peer marketplace, we’ve evolved into a multi-cultural scale-up, shaking up the online real-estate world.

We’re composed of more than 30 nationalities, extremely different backgrounds, beliefs and expertise. What unites our team is our strength to overcome challenges, take failures as part of our success and to grow with it. 

The background story

Unconventional is the best word to describe what we are as a team. 

The first words you’ll have in mind when entering the office will be “What the $*ù%?!”

So fasten your seat belt because you’re in for one hell of an experience. Any team members, past or present, will tell you that the people of HousingAnywhere are the essence of the company. If you want to see what we mean, you know what to do...

Start the conversation with us

We might not have the position you're looking for at the moment but that doesn't mean we can't start talking and if something comes up we can always move forward together. 

Who knows? Maybe you'll have an idea that will create a new opportunity for you at HousingAnywhere.

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